I'm BACK!! Sorry for leaving you guys :( 

Hey there's been a minute.  First off, I want to thank you if you are reading this.  My life has been on such an amazing whirlwind that I have unfortunately neglected my blogs, lol...I am trying to do better...I Promise!  I just wanted to spend a quick second to speak with you guys.  Life is seeming to be even shorter these days with more and more craziness on the news and even more in your local neighborhood.  With that being said, you guys have to promise me one thing... LIVE your life and don't let LIFE live You...  If you are truly unhappy, let's figure out how to make you happy.  Our lives are designed to be a little more simpler then they are, yet our greed and egos get in the way.  Whatever it is that your heart desires, so long as it's legal and with morals, lol, you need to do whatever is necessary to achieve it!  Break down the problems and strip the emotions so that you can see clearly what the real problem is behind your obstacle(s).  Once you can Identify that prolem, finding a solution is the easy part.  Now, with all that has been said and done, where are your priorities?  Do you know them?  Where is God in this? Where are your kids, family or friends?  How about business? Now...where are YOU?  Make sure your Priorities are in order so that your life can be in order.  Here's a hint though, I suggest God be on the TOP of the has a funny way at times to communicate, but He does, so make sure you aren't afraid to Rep Him. Remember the daily gifts He gives us and please don't measure the size of His gifts..they are all blessings and all Free from God, therefore be thankful..Period.  Now, back to YOU, Please don't lose Yourself in all that you do, whether it be that you are the provider for your family, the "go-to" person in your cllick, or your just the problem solver of your company ..hold on to your dreams and your goals and make sure that you ask God for your next step to get closer to acheiving your dreams while you help others with theirs!  Don't lose God and Don't lose YOU! Ok guys that's it for now...I again wanted to thank you all for your time and heart.  I appreciate your support and I will be back on here soon! Love you and God bless.. Linda Ngo

God's Grace 

Ok, so I know I haven't been here in a lonnng while..I'm sorry! I do have sooo much to say and I will do a better job to keep you guys going! lol... As usual, I continue to ask God to bless me so I can continue to bless others thru my heart, mind, soul, spirit, financially and/ or emotionally. Over the years, I've learned that life is actually simple, it's people's greed, selfishness and egos that get in the way.  I live on this earth as God's Assistant and whatever He says, GOES!  I've learned to be okay with not being everyone's friend and that it's ok...I've also learned that although you're nice to them, it doesn't guarantee niceness in return..and most of all..IT'S OK!  Do right by God and the rest will follow... I am simply here to please him and if ever anyone thinks that's phony, I am not the one to judge,care or condemn.  People will be people, you can't control anyone, but you can ALWAYS control your actions and re-actions.  I've learned that hurt and pains are some God's most valueable lessons and if we don't learn from our past, we shouldn't complain about our current.  Well, there is always more where this came from!!! lol!! Stay tuned and feel free to email me if ever you need an ear..Dear Abby is on break..Dear Linda is
Thank you guys and enjoy your blessings..

Watch how you treat the ones you LOVE 

Love is suppose to be a GREAT thing, so make sure you watch HOW you treat your LOVED ones. We always have patience and MAKE time for strangers, respect for those we don't know, yet for our family, kids, or loved ones, we dish out the "have no time, not right now's, or leave me alone's..." funny huh? Yet, not so funny, it's serious. So fam, I'm challenging US to be better 2 each other and our loved ones, let our LOVED ones feel the benefit of being LOVED. xoxo! Be blessed!

Haters are hilarious! lol! 

It's crazy how people find the time and energy to judge, yet have no clue. I thank God for giving me the strength to deal with such ignorance and patience to see the insecurities that lies within them and a great sense of humor to laugh at the haters! Too funny when you think about it! Man, GOD is TOO GREAT! lol!

Food for thought... 

Take a quick minute and close your eyes, now strip all your fluff, fancies & materialistic things. So let's take a look at what's left..your character, your morals, your good, bad & ugly, Would you be your own friend? Life is too short, be YOU, love you & stop trying to be someone your not to please or impress others. If YOU can't love YOU or be your own friend, then you're not in the position to love anyone or be a friend. Now ask yourself "Why do you have a problem with self" God didn't make a mistake when He made you,so love you for you & not by the measures of others! God Loves U! Just a you guys and thanks for your support! God bless and enjoy your blessings!

Love you guys!
Linda Ngo

Just a few words of wisdom... :) 

When you're stressed out, ask God to work on YOU and YOU only. Don't worry about anyone else, don't pray for someone else to change their ways, just focus on YOU. When you ask God to help U, He will make U see what needs to be seen, then U ask Him to give u the strength to do what Needs to be done! Trust, you'll gain peace & the rest is all in God's hands! Luv y'all! xoxo

Linda Ngo


HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!  Sorry I haven't written in a while, I've been soooooo busy!!  I know that's not an excuse, so I will just simply say I'm sorry and I will do better.  LOL!!

I was just recently interviewed by 91.7 KVTT, last week and was giving my testimony and purpose.  I know several of you have visited my page through the conversation I was having with Ms. Gloria.  I was also blessed with some of your emails and I will always stay humble and true through each and every one of you.

Sooooooooo...I titled today's blog, "Be Ready For The Attacks," because I know that when we as Christians and Believers get put in the spotlight that God has for us, we will be attacked.  Some of you may have concerns about some of my pictures, but please don't forget that as God made us, He made us walk, talk, dress, eat, breathe and sleep the way he wanted.  I say this because I do get criticized sometimes on my wardrobe, but please allow me to explain.  There is a difference between classy and trashy and I believe that I am on the classy side.  I don't have cleavage or my bottoms hanging out, but I do wear skirts that appear shorter than they are.  Why is it that if I wear the same skirt with heels, I'm a bad person, but if I wear sneakers or flip flops with that same skirt, I'm normal?  Crazy what a pair of heels can do, lol.  ANYHOW...again, to my point, lol... I just want you guys to know that being a Christian doesn't mean that we have a specific uniform, however, regardless of what a person has on, as long as we are Godly and speak of God, we shouldn't be judged because some of us may be able to bring some of God's children home because of what we have on.  As long as we know our purpose and we are not jeopardizing our morals and ethics, we shouldn't have to prove to other believers that we are just as Christian as they are.  People and mostly other Christians, are real quick to judge, yet they don't see that judging isn't Godly either, so sometimes, ask a person, "WHY" and truly UNDERSTAND their "why's" before you cast judgement.  You never know what or how God wants to use each and every one of us for, but know that we all have a unique way that God has blessed us with to carry out our missions.

So in short, I just wanted you to know, that when God has something planned and our annointing light is shining bright, we have been put through enough trials and tribulations to see and recognize when we are being tested.  So KNOW that you are being attacked and control your thoughts and anger because you know that the only reason the attack is being made is because you are doing God's work and the devil is trying to make you forget who you are!  Keep your head up always, live with a pure heart and KNOW that Christians and Believers come in all sizes, shapes, colors and don't judge by what you see on the surface, because that is still God's work and HIS purpose!!!! Remember that's why we say, " FAITH comes by heareth and not by SIGHT!"

Thank you for all your support and BE BLESSED and THANKFUL regardless of what comes your way!!!

Peace and Love Always ~ Linda Ngo


"Don't Be A Coward"
                As you guys have seen, the economy is rediculously struggling and because of it, a lot of people are STRRRRRRRRRREEEEESSSINGGGGGGGG!!!! Stress is one of the most popular cause of death, whether through medical complications to striaght suicidal actions. So...... what I'm trying to say is that Life is already hard as it is, why make it harder? Let things go and move on, quit trying to force drama and stress upon yourself and others! I lost my agent this past week, she was 59 and she was such a beautiful person who spent her life encouraging and motivating people. Point is, death is not discriminative and nor is it picky, so don't spend your days hating and wasting time on situations you don't have control of and just love life and yourself enough to let things go and focus on you and your family. Quit playing childish games no matter how old you are and Man or Woman up enough to accept your faults, your losts and your wins and move on. Don't be a coward for the rest of your life, God gave you a mouth so speak and stand your grounds and use your mouthpiece as a blessing and not as a weapon so that when you die, you can go to heaven knowing that you have lived the life that you chose to live and had no regrets!!!

~ RIP Ivett~

Peace and Blessing ~ Linda



I know we all have our bad days. Hell, some of us probably feel like we've had bad weeks, month or years. lol!! Whatever it may be or however it may have felt or feel, just know that it is only for a reason and a season and won't last forever! Whatever it is, there's a purpose! Whatever hurt you have experienced, it prepares you to be more compassionate to others that are walking what you have walked! It builds your character and makes you who you are today! It teaches you LOVE, which is very PATIENT and UNDERSTANDING. IT......prepares you for your FUTURE!!!

So in a nut shell, all I'm saying is THANK GOD and live your life with no regrets, but A LOT of "Thank You's."
~Linda Ngo



As you always hear, "Life is too short," that is such an understatement nowadays! As we watch the news daily, we are seeing that Life is Too Short and definitely not promised! I say this to make sure you realize that death is not something that we can plan, therefore, live it to the fullest! Make sure that the choices you are making, are choices that are making you happy and that you live with No regrets! No matter what storms you have encountered, the outcome and final decisions are yours! You can choose to be happy regardless of what has happened! Do not allow your current or past trials to RAPE you of your now and your future! Let Love and Forgiveness help guide you through life and it's hurdles and enjoy the blessings that are in front of you on a daily basis! Please do not overlook the smallest things in your life because it could be the most simplest, yet BIGGEST blessing of all! Take care and remember, to know Who you are and What you stand for! Love yourself so that you can Love others! SMILE A LOT AND LAUGH MORE!


~ Linda Ngo~



(Please remember this is ONLY my OPINION and not marked in the book of facts! lol)

Do you remember as a kid, we used to fight about fairness? If we didn't get the same amount of anything and everything that our sibblings or friends got, we would throw a fit and scream, "That's not fair!"

Do you realize that as a young child, we learned a LIFE LESSON? What lesson? We learned that life was NOT fair!!

The funny part is, we as kids, learned that life wasn't fair, we fought or argued, won or lost, but either way, forgave and life moved on. As adults, we EXPECT life to be fair or go our way and when it doesn't, we throw the same tantrum and hold on to that grudge until we die! WOW!!! lol!

Be many times have you thought that it was unfair how people were just born into money, fame and fortune, yet they abuse it? Then we have our "crooks" who scheme, scam, rob and kill and they also seem to have what they need! Then you look at yourself and feel that you live by the book, treat people with the utmost respect, yet you live paycheck to paycheck. How do you look at that? ( tough question, I know! lol!)

It's kinda crazy, but you almost have to look at it like: Paycheck to Paycheck versus hustle to hustle with every single second of that life paranoid on WHEN they will get busted or killed! ANOTHER WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!

I know it's easy to wish you had someone else's life, but what you DON'T realize is that you don't know what they've been through or had to go through or what they are currently going thru to be where they are and to have what they have! On top of that, you might not have been equipped, spiritually, emotionally, or physically to fight the battle that they have fought!

I guess in short, we need to reflect on our "kid" days and remember how to forgive and move on!! I know it's not easy and it won't happen overnight, but you gotta start now!

Know that God has your life planned already and that what's meant to be WILL BE! Be proud of YOUR life and know that you are BLESSED no matter what it looks like RIGHT NOW. Know that your complaints could be someone's wishes. Don't take life for granted! What you are going through will be a waste if you don't realize the purpose or the lesson that you were suppose to receive! Live life to the fullest since it's not promised. Appreciate life, Respect the ones you love, Show the ones you love how much you love them and most of all, thank God for all that you have, both big and small, storms and victories! Live to Love and Love to Live! Live with no regrets and lots of smiles and even MORE LAUGHTER! lol!!

I just wanted to thank YOU for your time and appreciate your friendships!! Take care and be blessed!! Much love and respect to all!! Have a wonderful week ahead and remember that the answers to your prayers, may be looking at you in your face! (SO SMILE!! lol!) Don't let bitterness, envy, jealousy or hatred RAPE you of your future of happiness, love and joy that YOU deserve!

MUAH!!! LOL! :)

~Linda Ngo



Do you have friends or associates?
What is your definition of a good friend?
Are you a good friend?

Friendships are so important in life!  True friendships are relationships that are filled with unconditional love and loyalty, respect and value for one another.  In my opinion, a friend can tell you something that you need to hear, not what you want to hear, yet still respects and love you.
To be a good friend, you have to know how to listen and encourage, motivate and understand, be dependable and reliable and most of all, you have to find the positive in all the negative situations.
Friends give, as well as receive, but not give to receive.  A true friend, knows your biggest problem and will do whatever they need to do to fix it without any hesitations, nor expectations.
Don't do things for appreciation or attention because that is not an honest motive.  Do for other because you want to, not because it makes you look good!
You need to be SINCERE, TRUE and REAL!!
~ Linda Ngo
(*Again, this is only my opinion)