A few shout outs and thanks....

With what Ngo Limit is about to do and where we are headed, we just wanted to take this time out and thank our friends and supporters, we couldn't have gone this far without ya'll......

Kevin Dukes ~ One of the Greatest photographers around! 
with J~Soul Photography for capturing our memories
Antoinio Wingfield, One of Dallas' Finest, High Fashion Couture Designer and Artist, who has kept us motivated and inspired with his wisdom and designs!  Thank you Antoinio for coming by and giving us your time and sharing your visions!! 
Niko Dion, Dallas' Best Kept Secret, who came by and allowed our men to be some of the first to try on his unbelievable designer jeans, that you won't find anywhere else!!
Chris Sapphire, THE MIRACLE WORKER, the best make up artist in Dallas, who has his own visions and has stopped by to give us his support and make up secrets!!!
Marlena Isbell, DFW's and Ngo Limit's Favorite Hair Stylist, who has whipped up all those do's at the Ed Hardy Fashion Show!!
Our Parents and Supporters, without you guys, it wouldn't be worth it!
Our friends have seen our visions and has helped us in soooo many ways, we can't thank them enough...
XOXO ~ Ngo Limit Productions and Family