Ngo Limit Inc. is a power house for multiple entities and services!  Ngo Limit is broken down into 4 parts:

~A.O.E ~ Art of Exposure~ Which is our Entertainment Department
~"Just NGO It!" is our Marketing, PR, Advertising and Consultant Firm
~M.O.G.U.L ~ Our BRAND, which stands for "Management of God's Unlimited Love"
~Lingda Ngo ~ Spokes Person, Emcee/ Hostess, Motivational Speaker, Acting/ Modeling Instructor

With that being said, WE HAVE NGO LIMITS! :)


A.O.E takes care of fashion shows, event productions, castings, talent developement/ management, red carpet affairs/ premiers

JUST NGO IT! takes care of all your imaging needs, marketing campaigns, ideas for your ideas, exposure, advertising, public relations and consulting, both personal and professional needs.

M.O.G.U.L is our brand that you will find on jewelty,apparel and much more...

Lingda Ngo is available to be your spokes person, (or face of your product) Emcee your events, fashion shows, etc, Instructor for any of your Acting/ Modeling classes and can motivate the motivators as well as, the unmotivated! lol! :)

For more information please feel free to email us with any questions, comments or concerns at