I'm BACK!! Sorry for leaving you guys :(

Hey there World..it's been a minute.  First off, I want to thank you if you are reading this.  My life has been on such an amazing whirlwind that I have unfortunately neglected my blogs, lol...I am trying to do better...I Promise!  I just wanted to spend a quick second to speak with you guys.  Life is seeming to be even shorter these days with more and more craziness on the news and even more in your local neighborhood.  With that being said, you guys have to promise me one thing... LIVE your life and don't let LIFE live You...  If you are truly unhappy, let's figure out how to make you happy.  Our lives are designed to be a little more simpler then they are, yet our greed and egos get in the way.  Whatever it is that your heart desires, so long as it's legal and with morals, lol, you need to do whatever is necessary to achieve it!  Break down the problems and strip the emotions so that you can see clearly what the real problem is behind your obstacle(s).  Once you can Identify that prolem, finding a solution is the easy part.  Now, with all that has been said and done, where are your priorities?  Do you know them?  Where is God in this? Where are your kids, family or friends?  How about business? Now...where are YOU?  Make sure your Priorities are in order so that your life can be in order.  Here's a hint though, I suggest God be on the TOP of the pole..lol..God has a funny way at times to communicate, but He does, so make sure you aren't afraid to Rep Him. Remember the daily gifts He gives us and please don't measure the size of His gifts..they are all blessings and all Free from God, therefore be thankful..Period.  Now, back to YOU, Please don't lose Yourself in all that you do, whether it be that you are the provider for your family, the "go-to" person in your cllick, or your just the problem solver of your company ..hold on to your dreams and your goals and make sure that you ask God for your next step to get closer to acheiving your dreams while you help others with theirs!  Don't lose God and Don't lose YOU! Ok guys that's it for now...I again wanted to thank you all for your time and heart.  I appreciate your support and I will be back on here soon! Love you and God bless.. Linda Ngo

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